Friday, March 1, 2013

Send Comments to Support Offshore Wind

Climate change is warming the oceans and making them more acidic, which has devastating impacts on ocean life.  Using alternatives to fossil fuels to create electricity can reduce this impact.

To use steady ocean breezes to generate electricity and offset thousands of pounds of carbon is a big step in the right direction.  It simply needs to be done with the least impact on marine life.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is now taking public comment on wind power off New York's Rockaways, an area devastated by the Sandy storm, itself a product of climate change.

Take Action.  Tell the Bureau, the New York Power Authority, and your representatives in office that you support responsible offshore wind power development.  It takes about four minutes. 

Send comments to the New York Power Authority and your representatives, thanks to the Sierra Club.

Send comments to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Check out the visualization tool, that shows you the view from land of the proposed turbines. 

Check out the cool map of where the turbines would be placed.

A Word About Detractors

There are detractors to wind power, yes.  Some people say the turbines kill birds -- the bird problem has been mostly solved by changing blade rotation and intelligent placement (not in bird migratory paths).

Some people say they're ugly.  I think the turbines actually look much better than a forest denuded by climate change.  Some people say it takes rare earth metals to manufacture them. 

Check the issues but for me, the bigger picture of blanket destruction to the oceans by climate change far outweighs all of these.  No solution is perfect but doing nothing is not an option. 

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