Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharks in CITE of Extinction

Shark species perilously close to extinction may once again be the victims of an ineffective and possibly corrupt governing body, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or CITES.  An important vote by CITES being held this week is not looking good for sharks.

Carl Safina tells us why in a recent Huffington post:

"Because Japanese and Chinese delegates are applying intense pressure (read: $) on certain poor countries in Africa and elsewhere to reverse their votes. Japan always does this, bribing countries with aid packages or even individual delegates with cash. And so, a week that has started with a monumental decision for sharks may conclude with another black eye for shark conservation and for CITES. (Earlier in the week, CITES delegates rejected a proposal spearheaded by Kenya to defer any legal sales of ivory and rhino horn for four years. The corruption, greed, cynicism, and sheer stupidity at CITES is causing it to crumble as a conservation mechanism; this is one symptom of a world that can no longer cope with the stresses we're creating.)."

CITES may as well be re-named Center for the Investment in the Extinction of Species or something like that.  It's a low down dirty shame that Asian demand for shark fin soup, a status symbol, is removing every last one of these important and beautiful apex predators from the world's oceans.

A couple things you can do... tell CITES extinction is not an option, ask CITES directly to fix their broken organization, donate to organizations that are fighting extinction of sharks and elephants, and spread the word.

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