Friday, October 29, 2010

Boneheads Ruining the Seas Say Fishermen

According to the Court House News in San Francisco, CA, hook-and-line fishermen say the government handed over 90 percent of the Pacific groundfish catch to the trawling industry in a "wholesale abandonment" of congressional plans to conserve ocean life. The fishermen say the feds did it in a boneheaded implementation of a new amendment to the Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Boring legal stuff -- no way. A prime example of how some fisherman really get conservation and sustainability contrary to popular wisdom. Well, people are getting more progressive but there is a lingering mindset that it's always fishermen versus conservationists.

Also this is a good example of how -- surprise -- a government agency that appears at first blush to be looking out for the common good can really foul things up.

Bear in mind though, this is a legal complaint so we have yet to hear the accused side of the story.

You do have to appreciate the use of the word "boneheaded".

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