Friday, October 22, 2010


To get in

takes raw stupidity called daring; a human thing.

A roiling sea shamelessly bursts across the land,

cutting caves in hard basalt,

turning boulders into sand and bones into bleached dust,

cliffs stare sternly beyond, waterfalls are heedless.

The friend on the beach, out of reach.

He rises and falls peering deeper into this water,

Water that makes the earth blue from space.

Pools of morning light provide a degree or two of comfort,

shafts spear downward shaping endless dimension,

into a blue darkness,

He tries to calmly breathe through this thin, plastic tube,

waves toss him, water splashes into it,

gurgle, sputter, try to relax,

the tempered glass the size of his hand fogs,

He can see out of only one small spot - like him -

one small spot, looking,


into fathomless



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