Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rhymes with Rouche

What happened with legislation to put the brakes on shark finning? US Senator Tom Cohen (R-Oklahoma) happened.

Tough to tell what his problem is. He's an M.D. so apparently he has some sense. Maybe he's just ignorant, short-sighted, weak, and definitely part of the problem. Shark finning kills millions of this important top predator every year mainly so people in Asia can enjoy soup made with the fins. Cohen seems to have forgotten a key part of the Hippocratic oath he swore when he became a doctor -- "never do harm".

Two great blogs, Treehugger and Huffington Post, articulated the scenario with a much clearer head than Eco Ocean. Apologies.

Huffington explains it like this:

"Coburn [blocked all of the bills] under the pretense of fiscal restraint. But these measures cost very little, and they were all advanced to protect wild creatures from cruelty and in some cases from extinction. It's worth the very modest investment to prevent such awful outcomes... Cautious spending is an important value, but so is the defense of animals from cruelty, the rescue of marine creatures injured by human actions, or the protection of wild species from extinction. Coburn has corrupted a laudable principle of fiscal conservatism, and used it to negate and nullify valuable initiatives designed to protect vulnerable species at serious risk."

There are more colorful words to describe Cohen, but they're less tactful. Rhymes with Rouche.

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