Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Front Lines Hero Mike Lever

Mike Lever is on the front lines in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico's Guadalupe Island. Go Mike.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Mike not only courageously started a shark viewing business despite angry threats from the competition but also he battles for marine conservation including speaking up for great whites and hounding illegal fishermen.

Mike chased a poacher vessel for four hours into the open ocean before convincing its captain to return to the Boiler with the vessel, which was loaded with tons of sharks and seven manta rays, all dead. according to the story.

"That was really distressing. They are gentle giants. It was like pulling over a truck in Africa and finding seven elephants," said Mike.

If that's not enough, Mike's route to divemaster and his own thriving business in Mexico is inspiring.

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Respect and Protect

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