Monday, November 8, 2010

Sea Turtle Thwarts Industry

Chalk this up as a small victory in the ongoing defense of the oceans. According to the Economic Times of India, the endangered olive ridley sea turtle could challenge South Korean steel maker Posco’s plans to construct a captive port at Jatadhar in Orissa near the Bay of Bengal in India. Who knew?

But what makes it harder to trust industry:

They (biologists and environmentalists) have drawn attention to the fact that the environment impact assessment report for the port project prepared by M N Dastur and Company made no mention of the impact the port would have on the marine environment of the area, according to the story. 

One other note, the use of the word "sabotage" in the headline "Olive Ridley Sabotages Posco Port Plan" makes it sound like the nefarious sea turtle hatched some sinister plan to prevent the innocent steel company from opening a lovely little port. Oh please. Then again, it could just be a nuance of semantics between British English and American English.

Read the full story here.

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