Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They've Seen the Troubled Seas

Don't take our word for it. These two went on a great adventure (yes, I'm envious) but with a great purpose. To raise awareness and to bear witness to the troubled seas. According to Linda Schonknecht and Mike Markovina in the Daily Dispatch, the oceans are in trouble, and not just the fish but many aspects. They were there. They saw it.

“The world’s oceans are in deep trouble,” Schonknecht said. “From the northernmost reaches of the Arctic Circle to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, the seas are being stripped at an unprecedented rate,” according to the Dispatch.

“Every aspect of the ocean is being mined for its resources – kelp forests, sandy shores, estuaries and the deep ocean are all relentlessly exploited by a range of fishing strategies and advanced technologies with subsequent devastating effects.”

Sobering as it is, the more people who raise awareness the better.  Go Linda & Mark.

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What do you see?

Image courtesy of infosurhoy.com

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