Monday, November 1, 2010

Power and Protect

Rhode Island's coastal management group approved unprecedented mapping of the ocean floor in state waters with a nod toward wind turbine placement but the Conservation Law Foundation says let's not be too hasty.

This speaks to the beginning of conflicts between green goals. The tricky balance between the ongoing challenge to protect the oceans from habitat loss and other possible issues, and the challenge to protect the oceans from climate change.

In one way, they're both right. It's complicated. It's important. It's important to get it right. No doubt we need to get off the petroleum economy and onto the renewable energy economy as soon as we can.

We'll likely see more of this because the oceans are a great place to harness wind -- sailors used it to explore the world back in the day now engineers can use it to save the world -- and holds much untapped power in tides and currents.

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