Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Go You Aussie Mermaids

I have an Australian friend who often says 'go you Aussie' as a kind of supportive cheer to someone.  I think he'd say it if he saw these mermaids from Down Under.  Three women of varying backgrounds (none are marine biologists or sirens) who dress up as mermaids complete with long, colorful tails. 

Sometimes they do it to raise awareness about ocean issues, sometimes they get paid to make kids smile, and sometimes they do it just for fun.

"While her hobby may seem a little unusual, Dawson insists it’s as valid as any other pastime. 'We could go to the pub every Friday night or we could go to the beach and have fun,' according to the Melbourne Weekly Bayside.   Go you Aussies.

photo credit: melbourneweekly

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