Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speak Up for Bluefin

Lee Crockett gives a good update on bluefin in his recent Huffington Post.  Looks like the majestic, important apex predator remains a fish in jeopardy.  He would know, he's a fisherman:

"It is an important time for bluefin. With the Mediterranean purse-seine fishing season already under way, a tracking system being tested this fall, and new annual quotas being set at the next ICCAT meeting in November, there is an opportunity to finally address some of the decades-old failures of bluefin tuna management. Current fishing quotas must not be increased until enforcement and monitoring are strengthened, the science behind bluefin stock assessments is improved, and there is evidence of improvement in the species' status," said Lee Crockett from Pew.

Let's give bluefin a break. 

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