Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Conservation Epiphany

Climate change is like the weather on steroids.  No one or thing, no land mass or body of water, can escape it.  That's why I keep saying probably to ad nausea that every conservation organization ought to make support of clean energy initiatives Job One.

Look at the epiphany Johanna Wald, a veteran of land protections from the National Resources Defense Council, talks about:

"I knew then that if I wanted to achieve my goal, I’d need to find ways to balance the need for cleaner sources of energy while protecting our public lands.  So I switched the focus of my work to facilitate environmentally responsible renewable energy development in the west," she said in Forbes.

Johanna faced the reality of climate change and realized she needed to re-focus her conservation ethic.  That’s not saying that conservationists have to betray their core values, but it does mean compromise with a sober eye on the big picture should become a key part of the saving the world equation.

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