Friday, June 8, 2012

Every Day is Oceans Day

Every day is Oceans Day BUT there are a bunch of great ways to celebrate the official World Oceans Day today.

Here's two (these are fun and easy):

Go to the Beach: Go to water.  Gaze at it.  Get into it.  Ride on it.  Be refreshed.  Have fun.

This will fuel your passion and actions to save the seas.  

Share Your Love:  Tell everyone about your love of the oceans.  Don't be shy.  There is probably no better way to inspire yourself and others.

People respond positively to a true story of why you love the oceans or the mountains or humming birds.  When the death and destruction end of the world talk so prevalent in the environmental dialogue comes, people shut down.  But people tune into a personal passion.  The nice thing is there is no right or wrong with this;  it's yours.  What you say will sink in, and likely sink deep.

See many more ways to do the ocean right:  Blue Frontier's 50 Ways to Save the Oceans (and yes, supporting clean energy is Job One).

Happy Oceans Day!

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