Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Clean Energy's Back

Fox News says the renewable energy industry is now officially fighting back against bad press with their own voice.  It's about time.

Clean, renewable energy is a business not a cause, despite what the opposition would like you to think.

"The perception, because of the lack of fact-based information out there, is that we're some fleeting, fly-by-night, government-dependent entity.  The fact is that we have real companies making real profits and making investments in renewable energy for all the right reasons," said Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, a retired Navy officer and chief executive of the American Council on Renewable Energy, the nonprofit that is maintaining the new website that supports renewable energy business, according to Fox News.

Like a business, the good news sounds like business news -- investments in clean energy have increased and are increasing, states and countries are going forward with infrastructure and incentives, jobs continue to grow, and customers -- corporate, public, commercial and retail businesses, private citizens -- are finding sound, clean energy alternatives. 

The clean energy industry will still experience growing pains but it is here, and moving with some fine momentum. The fact that we cannot change to a clean  energy industry overnight is not a weakness or a sign of illegitimacy, in fact it is the reality of any big industry

An industry with a voice now that will soon drown out the fossil fuel industry's lie that we can't have prosperity without their pollution. 

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