Friday, June 1, 2012

Germany Gets It

Germany gets it.  Why can't the US?  Here's a very reasoned and well-researched verbal editorial from The Big Picture on how Germany is eating our lunch when it comes to producing clean energy and cleaner air for ourselves and our next generations of Americans.

Germany to Make History with Alternative Energy: 

It's pretty straightforward, non-strident stuff.  The message: we work together, we remember our American values, we move forward into the clean energy economy and win.

If you find yourself getting red in the face, take a breather, in this case change is good.  We can do this.  For what it's worth, many people much smarter than me say we pretty much have to do this.

So it's ok to admit you care about healthy air and people.  It's ok to acknowledge that fossil fuels are the old way -- they absolutely had a great run.  Fossil fuels put us on top of the world. 

But just like the computer the size of a gymnasium or the eight track tape, it's outmoded technology to achieve the same results.  It's time to move on to something better; to clean energy innovation that gives us much-needed electricity with far less baggage.

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