Friday, June 15, 2012

Long Live the Aussie Oceans

The powers that be just created the world's largest network of marine reserves off of Western Australia and in the Coral Sea off the northeast coast.  The reserves are as big as Spain.  Larga vida a los océanos!

I had written about this when Pew released a report talking about all the awesome creatures that live there.  It's a softball pitch to be awed.

Just thinking about these vast, rarely seen places, with names like Rottnest Shelf and Kangaroo Island fires up the imagination.

How about an undersea canyon as deep as the US's Grand Canyon that is the feeding ground for the largest animal on the planet -- the blue whale?

Need more?  How about a chain of small islands that are home to 1200 species including the leafy sea dragon?

 Go you Aussies. And thank you Pew.

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