Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Your State Ranks for Clean Energy

The clean energy potential in the US is there and it is real.  California and New Mexico top the list of states where clean energy investment is most attractive, according to Ernst & Young via Clean Technica.  Still, wind and solar need support as jobs may be lost.

Top 5 States for clean energy investment based on long term attractiveness are:

New Mexico
Massachusetts & Texas (tie)

Meanwhile, the wind energy industry is booming but losing jobs because of threats to the production tax credit. 

"The wind energy industry, which saw 6.8 GW installed in 2011 (3.4 GW in Q4 alone) is nearing 50 GW of power capacity in the U.S., but its key incentive, the Production Tax Credit (PTC), may expire at the end of 2012 and failure to renew it is already costing the U.S. many jobs and many megawatts of clean energy. According to a report on the matter, the U.S. could lose 33,000 jobs by not extending the incentive this year."

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