Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ocean Jerks

Thanks to Ocean Champions, it is clear who is part of the problem.  US Congressmen Steve Southerland from Florida and Jon Runyan from New Jersey for starters.  As their districts include coastal areas, they are particularly poised to make a mess.

But you can do something about it.  Take the survey of who hates the ocean most (for fun), and then donate to Ocean Champions.  Any amount helps.  Many organizations are doing great things but few are taking the fight to these ocean jerks like Ocean Champions.    

Also, send these ocean-haters a note telling them why the oceans deserve some respect, and how healthy oceans mean healthy people.  If you're a constituent, be sure to make your voice heard, and vote against them, early and often. 

Congressman Southerland ranks as the rankest in my opinion.  According to Ocean Champions

"Congressman Southerland narrowly defeated former ocean champion Alan Boyd in 2010, and has since shown up on the wrong side of almost every important ocean health issue:

He loves offshore oil drilling! He voted to exempt Big Oil from using pollution control systems on their offshore drilling platforms, and weaken offshore drilling safety standards to levels lower than those in place before Deepwater Horizon!

He loves big polluters.  He just introduced a bill to neuter the EPA’s ability to regulate water quality in Florida where toxic algal blooms already wreak havoc on coastal habitats, fish, tourism and human health.

He’s not too fond of clean water, generally.  Congressman Southerland voted to rush President Obama’s decision on the dirty Keystone XL pipeline.

The thought of federal agencies managing natural resources responsibly makes him angry (and confused). The Congressman rails against the sensible National Ocean Policy, suggesting it would rob him of all his rights as a citizen.

He's anti-fish.  Congressman Southerland has repeatedly attacked good sustainable fishing policies."

What a tool.  Learn more about ocean jerks.

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