Thursday, March 1, 2012

Way Better than Bullying Wetlands

Clean energy peeps fear not, the Army Corps of Engineers is on the case.

Now that may sound like comfort to few and scary to most, especially those who know of the corps' long history of trying to control nature.  Shove a river aside here, apply their Goliath-sized straight edge to wetlands there, often to the detriment of neighbors, people and beast alike.  

These are renewable energy projects, though, $7 billion worth, according to TPM Media.

What's actually nice is the Department of Defense is driving it. Overpriced hammers and killer drones aside, when the military-industrial complex throws its back into something good for a change, there is reason to smile, at least a thin, toothless one.  It may be ham handed, it may be inefficient, but it will get done.

Great quote too, about the simple reality that must change of a military run on fossil fuels: As the President noted, “we just can’t drill our way to lower gas prices,” and the price of fuel is one important factor in DoD’s focus on renewable energy.  That and national security.  Finally.

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