Friday, March 9, 2012

Your God Might Appreciate It

Some Christians have given up carbon for Lent.  Of course.  The best ideas seem so obvious.

Lent lasts 40 days so to those committed, that's 40 days of no or little emissions.  That means reduced use of heat, water, and travel and food miles (how far you go using carbon and how far your food goes to get to you).

That's just the beginning.  It appears these are Christians with green motivations.  But treating Earth, the Creation, with respect and care is inherent in most major religions; it just often gets buried.

It might be the Spring weather outside my door, but the potential makes me swoon.  If not to fast for the sake of Lent, then treat the world right because your God would appreciate it. 

Imagine that: The immense passion of religion empowering humanity to connect with nature rather than destroy or dominate her.  Now that would be enlightening.  One can only hope and... 

Check out the video for the Carbon Fast, created by TearFund.

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