Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navy Plows through GOP SLOP

Even the Navy is not safe from GOP polluters.

The US Navy Chief was recently flogged by GOP members at a House budget meeting who will fight bow to stern for dirty air, according to Clint Wilder on Huntington Post.  There was yelling and fist pounding. 

These GOP tools want us to believe that we cannot have jobs and prosperity without pollution.

Fortunately, the Navy is smart and sees the writing on the wall.  They are going ahead with renewable energy programs.  They know that we cannot afford this fossil fuel addiction. 

But I am less generous than Clint, who attributed the GOP vitriol to politics. 

I suspect this bombastic reaction comes from politicians who are getting a taste of the hundreds of millions of dollars the fossil fuel industry, including the Koch Brothers, spends to keep the dirty status quo, damn the torpedoes.  Drama, fist pounding -- it's what their supporters want to see, keeps them happy, keeps the cash flowing.

Call it what it is -- GOP SLOP -- dirty fossil fuel money going to the GOP.

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