Friday, March 16, 2012

Share the Seas to Save Them

Share the seas and save the seas, that's what a report from the University of California Santa Barbara  concluded.

The message hits the common sense buttons on the sustainability board.  And hey, how elegant would it be use the oceans' resources (wind) to combat climate change, a major threat to those very seas? 

Result: Multi (and sustainable) use of the ocean is key to the survival of healthy oceans.

"Using a model of Massachusetts Bay, the authors found that by designing offshore wind farms with multiple ocean users in mind, managers could prevent over $1 million in losses to the incumbent fishery and whale watching sectors, limit impacts on biodiversity conservation, and generate more than $10 billion in extra value to the wind energy sector," according to Futurity.

We are all connected to the sea.  Healthy oceans mean healthy people.

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